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Daro recommend the following guidelines to ensure your Daro Indoor Cane and Rattan Furniture maintains it appearance and condition.

  • A regular clean with a soft cloth will remove any buildup of dust or debris. A spray of furniture polish can also be applied to the cloth to aid cleaning.
  • We recommend that our Furniture is placed in a well ventialated room with a maintained temperature of over 18 degrees. Furniture left in a cold moist unused room can develop mould due to its organic matter.
  • If mould does appear, use a soft brush to remove it, further harder cleaning can be applied with a warm soapy water solution and a cloth, a little hard work may be required.
  • Avoid dragging your furniture, as the plastic feet may scratch surfaces or damage the legs of the furniture.
  • To help protect your flooring we recommend the use of felt pads affixed to the plastic foot of a leg.
  • We also recommend the use of blinds in conservatory to reduce the sun’s exposure to the frames and cushions. It is also advisable to rotate the furniture around a room to ensure an even exposure to the elements.