Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page

Please click on the information category that you are interested in and you will be able to find some of the most common questions asked by consumers. If you cannot find an answer to a question you have below, please feel free to contact using the Contact page on the website 

  • Why Cane Furniture?

    There are several benefits to choosing Cane furniture: It won't fade, it's eco-friendly, easy to clean, it's lightweight and there is a wide variety of frames & fabrics to choose from.

  • Can I have any fabric on my cushions?

    Vertical striped fabrics such as Luxford Stripe Off White can only be made into Back cushions, but you can choose from any of the other fabrics for Base or Back cushions and mix & match if you wish.

  • Where can I order furniture from?

    Please use our stockist locator to find your nearest stockist If you have any problems, call us on +44(0)1604 758989.

  • Can I leave my Outdoor furniture outside, all year round?

    Yes. Daro Outdoor Furniture is woven using high quality Tissé® woven synthetic fibre. It is polyethylene based, UV resistant, hard wearing and weather resistant, making it suitable to be left outdoors all year round. Tissé® material is woven into hand welded aluminium powder coated frames, producing light weight furniture.

  • Can I have cushions made for my cane/rattan furniture in my own fabric?

    Yes but there are certain conditions. The fabric needs to be suitable for use as Domestic Upholstery and confirm to UK standards of Fire Retardency. A certificate will be required to authenticate this. We are also unable to offer this service on vertically striped fabrics and we are unable to guarantee a pattern match. For further details please contact Customer Services

  • Are my Outdoor cushions/pads waterproof?

    The simple answer to this is no. They are however Water Resistant. By the very nature that cushions need to be sewn in their construction, holes are effectively put into the fabric during the sewing process. The material is water resistant and will repel liquids so we advise that during prolonged periods of bad weather cushions are kept out of the elements. Cushions will be fine in times of a brief shower.

  • What is Cane/Rattan/Wicker?

    Cane is the name used for the wood like pole that has a solid but flexible inner core, making it easy to manipulate into many shapes when steamed. Rattan is a spiny climbing palm that grows readily and has a similar internal structure to Cane. Cane can grow at a rate of 2-3cm per day and is therefore an very renewable raw material. Cane is available normally in 2-5cm diameter pieces. Wicker is the art of weaving and therefore Wicker can be considered for many different types of material, although typically it is considered for Cane and Rattan.

  • I have an old Daro Cane Suite, can I order replacement cushions?

    In the majority of cases, Yes. We offer a comprehensive service for replacing cushions on older Daro suites. Much of the time the frames are in perfect condition and customers may choose to upgrade their fabrics for a newer one. Visit the Cushion Replacement Service section of our website for further details.

  • Can I buy all ranges from Stockists?

    Yes, you are able to order any range from the Daro collection from your local stockist. Stockists are limited to the number of suites they can display but are required to have a minimum of three ranges to be a Daro Stockist.

  • What are the differences between the fabric grades?

    Our Indoor fabrics are graded A-C. A tend to be mainly Cotton fabrics in construction with B and C more chenille type fabrics. C Grade is the highest priced grade.

  • Can I purchase furniture direct from Daro?

    Daro only retail to the consumer within the Northamptonshire area. We are very proud of our UK wide stockist network, and we endeavor to support them as they support us. If you would like to find your local stockists please visit our stockists locator, or contact us for further information.