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Daro Soft Furnishing Division

Our NEW Daro Soft Furnishings Website has been launched, Click here to check it out.

Daro Soft Furnishing Division has been part of Daro family for over 15 years and is based at our specialist manufacturing facility in Ilkeston Derbyshire. Accommodating state of the art cutting technology and facilities we can offer a flexible and open production system with the capabilities to meet high volumes or special bespoke demands. Our expertise is primarily producing cushions and covers for Indoor and Outdoor cane/rattan furniture. Over the years we have produced a wide range of products for the likes of House of Frasier, Ikea, BHS & Laura Ashley.

Daro Soft Furnishings are capable of producing and manufacturing individual components to complete soft furnishings.

• Complete Manufacturing Process

From the preliminary product design to the supply and delivery of the product.

• Fabric Cutting

As a dedicated service or part of a manufacturing process.

• Sewing Facilities 

A Wealth of experience and expertise both commercially and independently.

• Cushion Components

High Quality inserts developed to be durable without compromising comfort.

• Cushion replacement service

Over 40 years of experience producing cane and rattan furniture. 

• Other Soft Furnishings

Developing bespoke items to a high volume or special custom made orders with specific requirements.


For further information please visit Daro Soft Furnishings. Click Here.

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Laura Ashley £5000 Conservatory Makeover Winner

Last February Laura Ashley teamed up with Daro & Thomas Sanderson to provide one lucky competition winner with a complete conservatory makeover worth £5000! The response was astonishing with over 20,000 people vying to spruce up their beloved conservatories. The winners were chosen from random and Mr & Mrs Newton from West Sussex were the lucky couple. They are delighted and surprised. Congratulations to them both.

Laura Ashley was invited to the Newton’s home to take a few pictures of the finished article.




Mr & Mrs Newton were provided with £5000 worth of voucher with which they had £2000 to spend on Laura Ashley Rattan Furniture. They immediately fell in love with the Arley range from the available six suites in our Laura Ashley Collection. Mrs Newton chose the Arley as she wanted to have a suite that she could curl up, get comfy, read her favourite book, relax and admire her new space.

With the Arley’s 1.5 seater Chair and the 2.5 seater Sofa it was the perfect suite for Mrs Newton .  The spacious and contemporary classical feel of the Arley’s smooth lines accompanied by an indulgence of the back pillows, allows you to sink into the suite and unwind without a care in the world




Mr and Mrs Newton quoted as saying “We were delighted to win the Laura Ashley conservatory competition, the conservatory blinds have transformed the room, and the furniture and accessories are simply stunning”.

The Millwood Camoille fabric compliments the light frame of the suite bringing through the sophisticated yellows and creams to provide a great backdrop for the space. Complemented by the stylish Laura Ashley Accessories and beautifully made Thomas Sanderson Blinds, the room is complete as a tranquil place to relax and unwind.

Why not visit and see our other collection of wonderful Rattan suites and fabrics.


Click here to see orignal article. Laura Ashley Blog 

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2014 Outdoor Trends (Dining)

Traditional & Contemorary styles are being incorporated not only in Outdoor lounging furtniture but within Dining as well. All weather rattan is great for making sure that your garden furniture looks good all year round with mininal upkeep, it's the perfect choice for any garden. Informal dining with deep seating is becoming a new trend, but the tradittional dining set still has a place in everyones garden. It simple provides a different atomopshere to dining ocassions whether it be famiyl or friends. 

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2014 Outdoor furniture trends (Lounging Furniture)

2014 Outdoor Furniture Trends (Lounging Funiture)

The outdoor space has become an extension to our interiors, integral to our home as a whole, adding dimensions for family lounging, entertaining, and even escaping from the everyday.



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Spring your conservatory into life.

It's Spring (hurrah).  





With the wettest winter on record since 1910 we can officially say goodbye to those miserably dull days. The 20th of March 2014 represents the start of the Spring equinox. After a hard day’s toil in the garden what better way to admire your handy work than from the comfort of your conservatory with our new 2014 collection of indoor & outdoor As the days grow longer, watch your garden grow taller.

If you have any top/or unusual gardening tips share them with is on Facebook & Twitter.



See our NEW 2014 indoor and outdoor furniture collection for ideas on how to enjoy your garden in comfort from your conservatory.

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Conservatories all year around

What do you use your conservatory for?




Conservatories are notoriously associated with the warmer seasons. It’s a great place to unwind and admire the view of the garden as it blooms into life whilst enjoying the warmth from the high sun.  A recent trend in conservatory use has seen a bigger impact on people’s lives all year round even to the extent of altering people’s moods and health.

A recent survey has found that 83 percent of women and 74 percent of men state the lack of natural light during the winter months has a negative impact on their mood and makes them less likely to leave the house.  Lack of daylight is associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can influence people’s moods making them feel lethargic, bored, hungry and even depressed. (see previous blog)

Innovative design and technology in modern conservatories has put an end to any negative stereotypes formed about this much loved extension to our humble abodes. From specialist glass keeping heat in and Harmful UV rays out, to moderating the temperature through specialist blinds. With the fundamental design of this extension to our homes to allow light and create space, it makes a great place to be whatever the weather.

The possibilities are endless, from a busy social hub for friends and families, to simply reading your favourite book or morning newspaper in total tranquillity. Benfit from the natural light no matter what the time of year is.

Having a conservatory built this year, or want to refesh yours? Check out our 2014 indoor furniture collection.

What do you use YOUR conservatory for?  We want to here from you on facebook or twitter. 



Original Article The Independent 

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Spring cleaning tips.

With Spring upon us, here are some easy tips to keep your home/conservatory fresh and spotless.






Cane and Rattan Care

Clean frames with a soft damp cloth or carefully vacuum to remove any dust. We recommend that you use blinds in your Conservatory to keep the product from drying out and becoming brittle over time. Always make sure to Plump and rotate cushions occasionally to ensure they wear evenly. As with frames, do not place them in excessive sunlight. Covers are removable to allow for dry cleaning.


Create a different mood with accessories

For a quick makeover of a room, look at changing the materials. Textiles are the easiest and most effective way to change the appearance and feel of a room. Why not change the covers of your favourite suite or adding a couple of scatter cushions to provide a contrasting texture to your furniture. Adding side and coffee tables also brings a whole new dimension to rooms. You’ll soon see the mood of your room change.






Clean carpets and rugs

Keeping rugs and carpets clean is a nominal chore but makes the world of difference. Try vacuuming twice a week to keep the carpets looking new. Using a quality brand Vacuum with a HEPA filter will ensure that all the dust particles are kept at bay and not blown around the room. For less used rooms, vacuum less frequently, twice a year will suffice. Vacuuming is not only a quick fix for a cleaner home but also a health must.


Wooden Floor Care

Wooden Floors should be cleaned once or twice a fortnight with a damp mop, always make sure that you dry the floor well after cleaning. When using a brush make sure that the bristles are soft and won’t scratch the floor. The use of furniture protectors will prevent unwanted scratching from furniture movement, and placing a trivet or saucer will avoid any unwanted water damage from plants pots.


Cleaning Tiles

Tiles can begin to look dirty and build up water marks over time. Speak to your local DIY store about a neutral PH Cleaner, always read the labels and make sure the rooms are well ventilated as they are all alkaline based products. A home remedy of baking soda and water is great alternative as it has enough alkalinity to muscle through grease and dirt but not enough to be corrosive. (Roughly 4 table spoons of baking soda mixed well with a coupleof  pints of warm water.)


Reorganise Book shelves

Organise your books by subject and size. If they have old and tatty dust covers, discard them unless they have value. Present the books both horizontally and vertically in a recurring arrangement this will get rid of the dull lines of the unit.


Get rid of unneeded clutter


Clearing clutter can be one of the most effective ways to make a room look bigger and cleaner. You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff that you no longer use. Not only will it be easier to dust and clean, you might be able to make a small amount of money on auction websites from your unused items.


Be in the right frame of mind

Cleaning takes time. Set aside a space in your daily schedule when you can focus on cleaning. Perhaps playing your favourite radio station or music album will help keep you on task.
The effect of cleaning can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and even make you feel happier. 


If you have any essential cleaning tips why not share them with us via Facebook & Twitter.

Full article: HouseBeautiful

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Creating a Conservatory/Garden Room this Spring

3 steps to creating a Conservatory/Garden Room this Spring.




Why not create the perfect Garden Room/Conservatory this spring just in time for those lazy summer evenings.


Click HERE to watch this short video from Jane Akers, Managing Editor of Homes & Gardens, with her three step guide to a fresher looking Conservatory.


Bring Nature inside


Pastel and botanical patterns against a plain background bring a vibrant spring feel to your room, providing you with that light and natural feel.


Choose practical furniture

Cane Furniture is ideal for use inside and out. A strong material that can stand the test of time whilst practical stylish and comfortable.


Add Character to your space


Your personality should stand out in this space with your own personal treasures and photos on display providing the depth for the room.



Our NEW 2014 Range is available to view online, please check your local Stockist for Availability and Pricing.



By Marc Tyrrell

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2014 Colours for the Home

2014 trends and colours for the home are based around bright, warming, pastel shades. 

Follow our tips if you are looking to update your home and be on-trend.





Here are our tips for achieving this look:

  • Use a White base - This will make bright, pastel colours really stand out in your home without it looking like a colour explosion!
  • Combine the pastel colours. The great thing about this colour selection is that all of the colours can be matched together beautifully.
  • Either mix Materials or Colours, not both! For example, if you have an upholstered fabric sofa, keep the rest of your lounge furniture the same but mix the colours. If you have a brown, rustic themed Conservatory, mix the materials - e.g. Rattan chairs and a solid wood table.
  • For your Conservatory - The most fashionable styles are all-rattan furniture with lots of cushions to create a warming feel and make the room extra comfortable. This also gives you the benefits of non-fade and easy to clean furniture.

Follow our Pinterest board for examples and further inspiration, it will be updated regularly.

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Getting your home ready for Christmas

It's the time of year when you start to get your home ready for Christmas and if you think your Conservatory needs refreshing, we have a solution!


Rather than replacing an entire suite, think about getting replacement cushions. This is a much more cost effective solution and it really will look like you have bought brand new furniture!


Our customers tell us that their furniture lasts for over a decade so we frequently make new cushions for our suites after a few years.

If your frames need restoring, see our tips on restoring wicker furniture.

To speak to us about our replacement cushion service, call Daro on (01604) 758989.

By Sarah Challis

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Restoring Wicker Furniture

You've been passed down a suite of cane or rattan furniture, the quality is apparent but it needs a bit of attention to bring it back to it's former glory...

See our tips below on how to restore wicker furniture.

Cane and Rattan is a natural product which means that the furniture can dry out over time, bear this in mind when attempting any DIY job on the furniture and go carefully!



  • A damp cloth can be used to clean the furniture but do not soak it. Once the furniture is damp, use a bristled brush to clean off any dirt or mildew that may have accumulated. Then, allow the wicker to dry completely before sanding or staining.


  • Do this gently to smooth any rough areas and be aware that if the product has been stained, it may take off some of the colour.


  • Always use purpose-made stain for wicker furniture if you want to preserve it’s natural look.

Painting (Usually white!)

  • Wicker chairs look beautiful in white and this is a popular colour for cane at the minute! However, be aware that the paint will sit on top of the weave and is liable to flake off easier than stain which means it will need to be re-painted more often.
  • Ensure the wicker has been cleaned thoroughly before painting, and then apply the paint; spray paint is also a good option for getting into gaps within the weave.



For more wicker ideas and inspiration, follow our boards on Pinterest.

For our cushion replacement service, click here.


By Sarah Challis

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Looking after your Cane and Rattan Furniture

Today I've been speaking with our Warehouse Manager about the most common repairs we receive for our furniture. Most of the damage is caused by human error and it can be avoided.


We have a few simple tips to ensure your suite stays in perfect condition!


  • Split or broken feet - This is usually caused by dragging the furniture across the floor and the foot getting caught in the process. Ensure that all furniture is lifted up. Most of our furniture is very light once the cushions have been removed so, a chair can be easily moved by one person.


  • Cushions fading quickly - Cushions will fade over time, but in direct sunlight this process will speed up. We reccomend using blinds in your Conservatory to protect the fabric.


  • Chewed up binding - Dogs have been known to chew the binding on cane furniture! Either keep your furry friend out of the Conservatory or choose a frame without binding.


  • Cane becoming brittle - Cane & Rattan is susceptible to drying out quickly in harsh sunlight, which can cause it to split or snap easily. As advised with fabrics, use blinds to keep the sunlight out.


  • Broken bases - This can happen if you take the cushions away and use the frames, we provide thick cushion bases to protect the frames and ensure the suite is comfortable.



By Sarah Challis

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Rattan Furniture Guide

What is Rattan?

Rattan is the name for roughly 600 species of climbing palm, it grows naturally in the Rainforests of South-east Asia. Rattan starts to grow upwards like a tree, but then bends back to the ground and snakes through the rain forest like a vine.

It is a fast growing natural material which makes it a sustainable for furniture production.



Why is Rattan Environmentally friendly?

As Rattan grows at more than 2cm a day, it is a naturally renewable and highly sustainable raw material. It also provides a valuable source of income for many workers who harvest or weave the rattan.


Why is Rattan used for Furniture?

As the plant is versatile and flexible, it can be woven into almost any shape. It is also extremeley strong and can withstand heat and sunlight for a number of years, this is why it makes perfect Conservatory Furniture.


How is Rattan furniture made?

It is hand-woven by highly skilled workers, each piece can take up to 5 days to complete!


What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor Rattan?

Indoor rattan is a natural product, whereas outdoor is a synthetic fibre.

Our Outdoor furniture is woven around aluminium frames to ensure it can be left outdoors all-year round.


What style of Rattan Furniture should I buy?

Petitie, delicate chairs are extremely fashionable in homes at the minute, the Balmoral Chair (starting from £340 RRP) from our Laura Ashley collection is a beautiful option.

However, if you want something with a high back that you can rest into, take a look at our Solimar range.

Where can I buy Rattan Furniture from?

Daro sell a range of Rattan furniture made the the highest specifications, most of our furniture is a combination of Cane and Rattan, see the stockist locator for your nearest store.

Daro also makes Laura Ashley Rattan Furniture, an exclusive collection, made to the highest quality by Daro, using Laura Ashley fabrics, see the stockist locator for your nearest store.



By Sarah Challis

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The benefits of natural light

Getting more natural light can help banish those Winter blues, although over-exposure to the sun can be harmful to your health, don't forget that sun can also be really good for you!

  1. Research has proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer. Natural light has also proven to regulate some disorders including SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  2. Compared to other home lighting methods, natural lighting reduces eye strain and makes it easier for people to see.
  3. Vitamin D is an essential mineral for everyone. This vitamin has numerous benefits including immune system regulation, body weight maintenance, asthma symptom control as well as helping to keep the brain working efficiently into later life. Exposure to sunlight is the primary method in which people receive a sufficient amount of vitamin D.
  4. Another great benefit of using natural light in your home is that it reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth keeping your space healthier for you and your family.
  5. The use of natural light in a home or business space is cleaner for all inhabitants and also helps preserve the environment.
  6. Aside from health and energy saving benefits, natural light is also helpful for increasing the aesthetics of a space. Architects use natural light to make spaces appear larger, illuminate an interior structure and increase the beauty of a space. Natural light will have the same effect on your home.


Did this make you want to head into your Conservatory or Outdoors? If your space needs a little refresheing, take a look at our Indoor & Outdoor ranges.


Original article:

By Sarah Challis

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We reveal our bestseller…

When choosing Conservatory furniture, there are many factors to consider; Material, colour, fabrics and durability.






However, the main reason why our Waterford range is our best-selling range is the high back and flat, solid arms.

Choosing high-backed furniture provides more comfort and allows for greater mobility, this style is designed for relaxation and practicality. The range also features a detailed rattan weave which looks beautiful in any Conservatory. The Waterford range contains many accesories to complete the set including a coffee table, side table and entertainment unit.

To view this range or any others, use our Stockist Locator to find your nearest stockist. 

By Sarah Challis

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Autumn / Winter 2013 Home Colours

Announced earlier this year, the 2013 Pantone colour of the year is Emerald. This colour works brilliantly with Cane and Rattan as greens highlight  the natural browns in the furniture.



  • Emerald also compliments the shades of Purple which has been a popular colour this year. From pastel in Spring and to a deep aubergiene for Autumn.


  • If you're not keen on darker fabrics; Choose delicate, patterned floral fabric on a white background. They have become a must-have in every home. See this blog by Laura Ashley on nail art which shows how these patterns can be applied to just about anywhere!


  • Finally, Browns are a rising colour this year, with the popularity of natural materials in the home. For Autumn / Winter, choose Dark Browns matched with Orange or Red.


See our Aututmn / Winter 2013 Pinterest board for more inspiration!



By Sarah Challis

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10 uses for your Conservatory

Have you recently moved to a house with a Conservatory or are you considering building one?

Conservatories are an excellent, hassle free and fairly cost effective way of creating more space in your home. Due to its nature, a conservatory is a very versatile part of the home and can be used for any number of purposes.



  • A Garden Room - Do you love the great outdoors? Choose floor to ceiling glass windows and french doors. Cane & Rattan furniture and large plants give the rooms a perfect outdoor feel.
  • Second Living Room - The living room that allows you to get away - Add a TV and comfortable chairs to avoid the arguments when people want to watch different things!
  • Dining Room - Is your Garden west-facing? If so, you will ge the most light in the evening, which makes your Conservatory the perfect space for evening meals and entertaining.
  • Breakfast Room - Is your Garden east-facing? You will get the most light in the morning which makes your Conservatory the perfect space to start the day.
  • Kids playroom - As Conservatories are generally light and airy, they provide a great space for kids to play in the summertime, just watch out for very high & low temperatures in the room.
  • Kitchen Extension - Do your family and friends congragate in the kitchen? A conservatory is a great option for extending by creating more workspace or a diner.
  • Growing Plants - Plants look great in a Conservatory. If you choose to grow plants, consider the temperature of your space. Does it get very hot in the Summer and cool down in the Winter? Or is your Conservatory more insulated and able to keep an ambient temperature all year round? This should help you decide which plants will thrive!
  • Gym - Is your Conservatory cold in the Winter? It could be a great place to work out on those Winter nights when you don't fancy heading out.
  • Games Room - It makes a great space to entertain with a pool table or darts board and means you can shut the doors from the rest of the house.
  • Art Room - Every artist knows that natural light is the best light which makes it the perfect space for expressing your creativity!


What do you use your extra room for?

Tweet us or Connect with us on Facebook



By Sarah Challis

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What does ‘All-Weather’ mean?

All-Weather Rattan is furniture that can be left outdoors, all year round. It can be left uncovered, even throughout Winter.

Our All-Weather furniture is made using Tissé® woven synthetic fibre.

The fibre is polythene based, UV resistant and heard wearing which means that you really can leave it outdoors - all year round!

As you can see from the picture on the right, the high-quality materials that we use give a beautiful, natural finish. It could easily be mistaken for a natural rattan!

The woven fibre is hand welded to aluminium powder coated frames which produces surprisingly light-weight furniture.

The cushions we use, are manufactured in the UK and made from a water resistant material. Due to the sewing process, we reccomend that cushions are brought in after the summer to prevent water getting into the foam.

We are so confirdent in the quality of our product that we offer a 5 year guarante on all outdoor furniture.


Make the most of the sun! Click here to view the full range:


By Sarah Challis

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How to care for your Cane & Rattan furniture

You will be pleased to hear that Cane & Rattan furniture is very easy to maintain!

Follow this simple guide or see our Product Care section for more information.




  • Cleaning - A soft, damp cloth can be used to wipe clean frames or a careful vacuum to remove dust.
  • Care - It is recommended that you use blinds in your Conservatory to keep the product from drying out and becoming brittle.
  • Cushions - Plump and rotate cushions to ensure they wear evenly. As with frames, do not place them in excessive sunlight. Covers are removable to allow for dry cleaning.


By Sarah Challis

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Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture

When choosing Outdoor Furniture, it is important to consider; Comfort, Material, Colour, Space, Maintenance and your Budget.


With over 40 years’ of experience as the leaders in woven rattan furniture, Daro Outdoor Furniture is made to the highest specifications and comes with a 5 year guarantee on all products.



  • Possibly the most important factor of all, ensure you try before you buy. Cushion pads can be added to most frames to create a comfortable dining experience.



  • Metal - In the form of treated wrought iron, it can stand up to all-weather but must be maintained to prevent rust.
  • All-Weather Wicker – This is typically made from synthetic resin and can be produced in almost any colour, additionally, it can stand up to the elements.
  • Plastic - The cheaper option which works, however this is not a high-end look and won’t match much in your garden, except for maybe the plant pots…
  • Teak – A durable, eco-friendly choice but it can be very expensive.



  • Would you like the frames match other items in your garden? Light Brown coloured frames are popular as they add to the ‘natural’ feel of a garden and blend in well. If you would like to achieve this look, choose neutral coloured cushions.
  • Conversely, choosing bold coloured frames and bright cushion fabrics can really help the furniture in your garden to stand out and create a statement.



  • Often, the biggest mistake people make is buying too much! That 10-seat dining set might look wonderful in the showroom but can you actually fit it onto your patio? You can always buy a smaller dining table and squeeze a couple of extra chairs onto it.
  • Map out the space in your Garden and take a tape measure when you go shopping to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space.



  • Warm soapy water works for most styles of outdoor furniture. Steel & wrought iron frames need to be painted to prevent rust.



  • Once you have decided exactly what furniture you require, estimate a budget. There are always bargains to be found and these are not exclusive to the internet, many shops & showrooms have offers, just ask!


By Sarah Challis

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Why Cane Furniture?

5 reasons to buy Cane furniture for your Conservatory

  • It won't fade in the sun - If anything, it will darken slightly
  • Eco-Friendly - It grows at 2cm a day which makes it a renewable and highly sustainable raw material
  • Easy to clean - Gently vacumming can remove dust and a wipe with a soft, damp cloth is all you will need
  • Lightweight - Easy to move, easy to maintain
  • Stylish - There are a wide variety of comfortable and stylish frames available

For any further questions, see our FAQ section of the website.

By Sarah Challis

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Trends for Furniture in 2013

After exhibiting at the Interiors UK Show 2013 this week, we've been looking into the trends for furniture this year.

See Daro on Pinterest for more photos and ideas:


The Colours

  • Purple will be the new colour for Spring, stick to light versions for now and move to deep aubergine for Autumn / Winter.
  • Vogue reported that White was all over the Spring / Summer catwalks, Prada, Valentino and Stella McCartney all sent models down head to toe in clean, crisp whites. White is a fantastic colour for furniture as accessories can be changed and they will guarantee to match!
  • Duck Egg Blue will feature heavily in Spring, it makes a great Coastal look and the colour will bring out the light elements of a room, making it appear brighter.
  • Finally, Yellow patterns feature heavily in new designs this year, most prominently in cushions and wallpaper

The Design

  • The natural, dishevelled look will continue into 2013, with materials matching the organic feel as the trend continues for people to re-paint their current furniture. If you do choose to re-paint, ensure you prepare the furniture well by stripping or sanding and using a good quality paint to get the best result.
  • Drawers featured heavily at the Interiors show this year and any item can being made into storage, from chairs to staircases!
  • The Vintage look is here to stay, old suitcases made from leather or Rattan could be seen at many stands at the Interiors UK show, they make useful storage or can be stacked up as a feature piece.

The Materials

  • Materials have been inspired by nature and forestry; natural materials remain popular with Wood and Rattan continuing to be popular choices. Fabric design has also been influenced as flowered and leaved patterns remain popular.
  • Quality will be key for 2013. Consumers have opted for cheaper alternatives since the recession began and now have a better idea about what is available in the market. Most have realised that quality is the most important factor when purchasing household items and will search for harder to find long lasting items.


By Sarah Challis

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Rattan used as leg replacement

The first human trials are about to begin to see whether Rattan can be used as a leg replacment material due to the similarity of the structure of Rattan to the human bone.

(Left - Human bone, Right - Rattan)


Researchers also believe it could be used to replace metal and other artificial substitutes.

'The processing of the raw wood to remove chemical components incompatible with implants for humans is long and complex but the benefits of producing a material that is so similar to bone and can be shaped to fit perfectly far outweigh such issues,' the team from the National Research Council of Italy say, writing in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management.

The process they have developed involves heat treatment of the wood to remove cellulose, lignin and other plant materials but leaving behind a carbon skeleton that can then be infiltrated and reacted with calcium, oxygen and phosphate to make a porous material, chemically and mechanically mimicking bone.

The research team says that unlike metal alloys, ceramics and even donor bone, their patented material is low cost, has very good biomechanics, is biocompatible and can be integrated into existing bone, thus properly assisting bone regeneration.

See the article here:


By Sarah Challis

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Keeping your Conservatory Warm in Winter

As the nights become longer and the weather turns, we look at how to prepare your Conservatory for the Winter to make the most of it.

Conservatory design plays a big part in how warm your conservatory will get, and how well it insulates heat. Modern, contemporary designs have all seasons in mind, with specialist or underfloor heating. If you do not have these features, we have some tips of making the most of your conservatory all year round:


  • Keep the doors and walls insulated to ensure heat is kept in, decorative draught excluders can provide a short term solution
  • Check for any damage to the structure, there could be a draught coming through
  • Flooring has a big effect, if you don't have specialist flooring or underfloor heating, consider carpeting or simply introducing a rug
  • Red or orange coloured lights, rugs or fabrics will create the impression of warmth
  • Electric heaters can provide a brilliant source of heat, especially in smaller conservatories where they won't cost too much to run
  • Adding blinds can help, they will insulate the windows and with the right colours, will visually add heat to the room


By Sarah Challis

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Furniture Sales Rise in December

Sales of furniture and carpets have risen in December, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), but at a slower rate than November.

The CBI’s latest monthly Distributive Trades Survey – conducted between 29 November and 12 December  – showed that 36% of retailers questioned reported an increase in sales compared to a year ago. However, 17% of retailers saw a decrease.

The resulting balance of +19% was down on the rises seen in the previous two months (+30% and +33%), and fell below retailers’ expectations (+25%) for the period.

Sales in the furniture & carpets retail sector were up (+42%), but sales of other big-ticket items for the home (durable household goods) fell (-58%).

Judith McKenna, chair of the CBI Distributive Trades Panel and Asda chief operating officer, said: “This latest data covers the period to the middle of December and we should take heart that sales on the high street have held up during the early crucial Christmas shopping period. However, on-going economic fragility is maintaining the squeeze on household incomes, and it’s notable that sales are below par for the festive season.”

The CBI said that sales growth is expected to fall again next month, with retailers expecting a slower rise once again in the year to January (+10%).   Source@ Cabinet Maker Website 19/12/2012

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Extending Your Home with a Conservatory

An interesting article on the website giving readers an insight into how to plan your Conservatory extension.

Daro Ratttan Furniture and Cane Furniture is an ideal product for use in a Conservatory. The natural and robust materials used give a wonderful compliment to the views in the external garden.

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Replacement Cushion Service

Daro have a comprehensive cushion replacement service for the vast majority of previous Daro ranges. For further information please visit the cushion replacement service section of our website. Please note we do not recommend covers only for cushions that are over 3 years old. We would recommend replacing foams and covers for these.  To view our cushion replacement service click here.

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Birmingham celebrates the Olympics with Wicker statues

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First past the bedpost: Olympic Village furniture goes on sale

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Melting ice caused by global warming blamed for wet summer

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Mohenjo Daro: Could this ancient city be lost forever?

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What is the difference between Wicker Furniture and Rattan Furniture?

They are often referred to as the same thing however one is a material and the other is a process...

Rattan is the material used in the weaving of furniture. Wicker furniture refers to the process of creating woven furniture and is mainly made of Rattan but other materials such as Straw and Bamboo could be used under the same heading. Rattan in its original form is a relative of the tropical palm tree. Rattan starts to grow upwards like a tree, but then bends back to the ground and snakes through the rain forest like a vine.


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Poor Weather affects Garden Centre Sales

The poor weather in April has certainly not helped with sales of Outdoor furniture as Horticulture Week magazine reports that overall sales at Garden Centres in April 2012 were down 36%. This looks worse as the comparatives are with an exceptionally good weather period in April 2011. Click on the link below to read the article in full.

Stewarts Garden lands in Christchurch showed a much better than average performance with their sales and were very pleased in comparison with sales of Outdoor furniture as the reorganisation of their furniture department comes into fruition. The picture shows the Daro Auckland display at Stewarts Garden Lands in Chrischurch. They also have the products on display in their Holt branch.

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Conservatory Tax plan to be abolished

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HSBC Survey shows Conservatory fastest way to put value on your home

A HSBC Survey of over 130,000 homeowners and 112 estate agents has revealed that the addition of a conservatory to your home is the only home improvement method to show growth in a comparison between 2011-2012.

On average a conservatory will add and increase on return of £9,420 to value of a home, which is 14% increase on the figure for 2011 from £8,233. A Loft conversion and a Room extension are still above the Conservatory in value, but a loft conversion, in particular has seen a 23% decrease in the value added levels.

So there you have it a Daro furniture suite in your new conservatory will add further value to your home!

To view the full article click on this link

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Why should I try choose Cane Furniture for my conservatory?

Cane furniture and Rattan Furniture has been, and remains, the main choice of furniture for conservatories over the past 20 years. Why is this?

In essence Cane furniture was initially used to bring a little of the Outdoors into the home. As a fast growing and easily manipulative product Cane can be made in a vast number of shapes and styles which suited users of conservatories. One of the main benefits of using Cane Furniture for your Conservatory is that the cushions are loose. This allows changes to be made economically when the user may decide to change a colour scheme or the cushions have been warn. Companies, such as Daro, offer a comprehensive Cushion Replacement Service which ensures that the users investment in their cane furniture lasts a long time.

In the past Leather furniture and traditional furniture have been used in Conservatories but users have quickly discovered the effects of the sun on their purchase! So there you have it Cane Furniture offers a natural and economical fit for your conservatory. Visit the Daro website to see the latest styles and fabrics for your furniture choice.

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Phil Gibbs takes over the reins at LOFA

The Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA) is waving a fond farewell Richard Plowman.Richard has led the organisation to its largest-ever membership, launched the ever-expanding SOLEX exhibition, and
was the inspiration behind the soon to be launched ‘Made Aware’ environmentalscheme. 

Taking over the reins is Phil Gibbs, an ex-Royal Navy and Ministry of Defence executive with an impressive academic record with two Masters Degrees in Information Systems and Education, Leadership and Management. Phil is looking forward to utilising his background and experience to further develop the LOFA membership and officially launch the industry’s first credible environmental scheme, ‘Made Aware.’
He says: “It’s an exciting time at LOFA and we’re all very grateful to the hard work and dedication Richard has given the organisation over the last 12 years. We already have an impressive membership and can boast the biggest names in the world of barbecues and outdoor furniture but we do want to attract more companies so that we can develop further opportunities for our members, and strengthen our voice in the leisure marketplace.”
He continued: “In January we shall officially launch our ‘Made Aware’ scheme. LOFA members have signed-up to make an environmental difference in the manufacture of their products and we’ve already had much interest from the
consumer press and celebrities to support this worthwhile cause.”
LOFA was formed in 1967 to offer to offer business support for companies manufacturing or distributing garden furniture, barbecues, parasols, soft furnishings, garden lighting and outdoor play equipment in the UK. To find out more about LOFA,

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How to Improve the Value of Your House with a Conservatory

People looking to sell their home often look at installing a conservatory as a quick way of increasing the value of their property. It is true that, yes, conservatories can make all the difference when selling a home, however, it is imperative to choose correctly to maximize the potential profit to be made.

Do Your Homework

There is no point shelling out for a conservatory to entice buyers if there is little or no potential increase in the value of your property. Through research of your local property market you should be able to weigh the cost of installing a conservatory against the ceiling sale price that similar property is achieving in your area. Of course, a benefit in the investment of a conservatory is that you are able to utilise the space whilst your house is on the market. It is then also worth thinking about even if you have no immediate plans to sell.

When thinking about installing a conservatory for your house, you should take time to match the style of your house so that it does not appear as a separate structure but an organic extension of the original design. The better you can integrate the conservatory with the rest of the living space, the more value that it will add to your house. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors this could be as much as 5%.

Quality Speaks

Unless very cleverly disguised, people will be able to spot a cheap, poor quality construction that has been erected to try and sell the property. You should look for a renowned company that can give you a quality service and create something to last. You may also want to think about how you are going to use the conservatory and how this affects which shape, style and size to purchase.

Try not to clutter the space, as it is easy for the conservatory to be seen just as a storage room, but as an example, if you set the room out nicely with a laid out dining table, people will automatically start to associate the conservatory as a useable dining space and not just a table in a separate room. You may not have ever eaten in there yourself but suggesting practical ideas for the space will help with the selling process.

Design to Impress

Cohesion of colour and design between the conservatory and its adjoining room can help create a flowing space that works well. By using the same colour as your interior design for detailing, or the interior colour of the base, you can avoid your new investment detracting from your overall interior design.

As with the idea of selling a house, you do not want to impose your own taste too much on a prospective buyer, but hinting at uses can lead to getting your viewer thinking how they can use the space, which is exactly what you are trying to achieve. There are, of course, many functions that a conservatory can fill, from a lounge to maybe more adventurously, a games room with pool or football table. Getting the buyer to visualize themselves in the house here, is a firm step on the way to securing a sale.

External appearance must be taken into consideration when designing the conservatory. Planting and ornaments can be used to great impact of the style and exterior of the conservatory. Careful consideration should be taken into account when matching the bricks of the base of the conservatory with the houses original colour. To increase the sense of space, you may want to think about decking leading from the conservatory.

Stay cool

Due to building regulations, it is important to plan how you will regulate temperature both in summer and winter. Under floor heating is now a great alternative to more traditional heating methods and relieves the need for radiators to be on display. It also stops the typical problem encountered with radiators of the hot air rising into the roof and is therefore a more efficient and desirable feature.

Practical heating systems also help when it comes to selling the property as it can instantly dispel any thoughts a prospective buyer might have about conservatories being icy cold during the winter, or alternatively unbearably hot in the summer. Some people may be cautious about installing a conservatory, especially if their house is of a traditional style, and worried that the design will have a detrimental effect on the appearance and therefore value of their house.

This has been largely redressed with the advancement of new technologies and the recent wave of luxury conservatories in as many styles as there are houses. This is especially important for period homes – choosing the right company to install your conservatory can make a crucial difference. So whether you’re planning to sell or looking for an investment for the future that can be used today, make sure you choose carefully to ensure that you get the most from your money in the long term.

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Retail sales rise

Unseasonably warm weather failed to hit retail sales in October, including household goods stores. The warm weather had been expected to hit sales, but the volume of sales grew by 0.9% between 2-29 October, with online retailers enjoying the highest growth. The level of retail inflation, including fuel, was demonstrated with a 5.4% rise in the value of sales. Household goods stores saw sales volumes climb by 0.3%, supermarkets saw their first annual growth for a year and clothing and footwear stores saw a drop as shoppers deferred buying winter clothing, according to the Office for National Statistics.


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