Keeping your Conservatory Warm in Winter

As the nights become longer and the weather turns, we look at how to prepare your Conservatory for the Winter to make the most of it.

Conservatory design plays a big part in how warm your conservatory will get, and how well it insulates heat. Modern, contemporary designs have all seasons in mind, with specialist or underfloor heating. If you do not have these features, we have some tips of making the most of your conservatory all year round:


  • Keep the doors and walls insulated to ensure heat is kept in, decorative draught excluders can provide a short term solution
  • Check for any damage to the structure, there could be a draught coming through
  • Flooring has a big effect, if you don't have specialist flooring or underfloor heating, consider carpeting or simply introducing a rug
  • Red or orange coloured lights, rugs or fabrics will create the impression of warmth
  • Electric heaters can provide a brilliant source of heat, especially in smaller conservatories where they won't cost too much to run
  • Adding blinds can help, they will insulate the windows and with the right colours, will visually add heat to the room


By Sarah Challis

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