Spring cleaning tips.

With Spring upon us, here are some easy tips to keep your home/conservatory fresh and spotless.






Cane and Rattan Care

Clean frames with a soft damp cloth or carefully vacuum to remove any dust. We recommend that you use blinds in your Conservatory to keep the product from drying out and becoming brittle over time. Always make sure to Plump and rotate cushions occasionally to ensure they wear evenly. As with frames, do not place them in excessive sunlight. Covers are removable to allow for dry cleaning.


Create a different mood with accessories

For a quick makeover of a room, look at changing the materials. Textiles are the easiest and most effective way to change the appearance and feel of a room. Why not change the covers of your favourite suite or adding a couple of scatter cushions to provide a contrasting texture to your furniture. Adding side and coffee tables also brings a whole new dimension to rooms. You’ll soon see the mood of your room change.






Clean carpets and rugs

Keeping rugs and carpets clean is a nominal chore but makes the world of difference. Try vacuuming twice a week to keep the carpets looking new. Using a quality brand Vacuum with a HEPA filter will ensure that all the dust particles are kept at bay and not blown around the room. For less used rooms, vacuum less frequently, twice a year will suffice. Vacuuming is not only a quick fix for a cleaner home but also a health must.


Wooden Floor Care

Wooden Floors should be cleaned once or twice a fortnight with a damp mop, always make sure that you dry the floor well after cleaning. When using a brush make sure that the bristles are soft and won’t scratch the floor. The use of furniture protectors will prevent unwanted scratching from furniture movement, and placing a trivet or saucer will avoid any unwanted water damage from plants pots.


Cleaning Tiles

Tiles can begin to look dirty and build up water marks over time. Speak to your local DIY store about a neutral PH Cleaner, always read the labels and make sure the rooms are well ventilated as they are all alkaline based products. A home remedy of baking soda and water is great alternative as it has enough alkalinity to muscle through grease and dirt but not enough to be corrosive. (Roughly 4 table spoons of baking soda mixed well with a coupleof  pints of warm water.)


Reorganise Book shelves

Organise your books by subject and size. If they have old and tatty dust covers, discard them unless they have value. Present the books both horizontally and vertically in a recurring arrangement this will get rid of the dull lines of the unit.


Get rid of unneeded clutter


Clearing clutter can be one of the most effective ways to make a room look bigger and cleaner. You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff that you no longer use. Not only will it be easier to dust and clean, you might be able to make a small amount of money on auction websites from your unused items.


Be in the right frame of mind

Cleaning takes time. Set aside a space in your daily schedule when you can focus on cleaning. Perhaps playing your favourite radio station or music album will help keep you on task.
The effect of cleaning can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and even make you feel happier. 


If you have any essential cleaning tips why not share them with us via Facebook & Twitter.

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