Restoring Wicker Furniture

You've been passed down a suite of cane or rattan furniture, the quality is apparent but it needs a bit of attention to bring it back to it's former glory...

See our tips below on how to restore wicker furniture.

Cane and Rattan is a natural product which means that the furniture can dry out over time, bear this in mind when attempting any DIY job on the furniture and go carefully!



  • A damp cloth can be used to clean the furniture but do not soak it. Once the furniture is damp, use a bristled brush to clean off any dirt or mildew that may have accumulated. Then, allow the wicker to dry completely before sanding or staining.


  • Do this gently to smooth any rough areas and be aware that if the product has been stained, it may take off some of the colour.


  • Always use purpose-made stain for wicker furniture if you want to preserve it’s natural look.

Painting (Usually white!)

  • Wicker chairs look beautiful in white and this is a popular colour for cane at the minute! However, be aware that the paint will sit on top of the weave and is liable to flake off easier than stain which means it will need to be re-painted more often.
  • Ensure the wicker has been cleaned thoroughly before painting, and then apply the paint; spray paint is also a good option for getting into gaps within the weave.



For more wicker ideas and inspiration, follow our boards on Pinterest.

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By Sarah Challis

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