Rattan Furniture Guide

What is Rattan?

Rattan is the name for roughly 600 species of climbing palm, it grows naturally in the Rainforests of South-east Asia. Rattan starts to grow upwards like a tree, but then bends back to the ground and snakes through the rain forest like a vine.

It is a fast growing natural material which makes it a sustainable for furniture production.



Why is Rattan Environmentally friendly?

As Rattan grows at more than 2cm a day, it is a naturally renewable and highly sustainable raw material. It also provides a valuable source of income for many workers who harvest or weave the rattan.


Why is Rattan used for Furniture?

As the plant is versatile and flexible, it can be woven into almost any shape. It is also extremeley strong and can withstand heat and sunlight for a number of years, this is why it makes perfect Conservatory Furniture.


How is Rattan furniture made?

It is hand-woven by highly skilled workers, each piece can take up to 5 days to complete!


What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor Rattan?

Indoor rattan is a natural product, whereas outdoor is a synthetic fibre.

Our Outdoor furniture is woven around aluminium frames to ensure it can be left outdoors all-year round.


What style of Rattan Furniture should I buy?

Petitie, delicate chairs are extremely fashionable in homes at the minute, the Balmoral Chair (starting from £340 RRP) from our Laura Ashley collection is a beautiful option.

However, if you want something with a high back that you can rest into, take a look at our Solimar range.

Where can I buy Rattan Furniture from?

Daro sell a range of Rattan furniture made the the highest specifications, most of our furniture is a combination of Cane and Rattan, see the stockist locator for your nearest store.

Daro also makes Laura Ashley Rattan Furniture, an exclusive collection, made to the highest quality by Daro, using Laura Ashley fabrics, see the stockist locator for your nearest store.



By Sarah Challis

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