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Conservatories are notoriously associated with the warmer seasons. It’s a great place to unwind and admire the view of the garden as it blooms into life whilst enjoying the warmth from the high sun.  A recent trend in conservatory use has seen a bigger impact on people’s lives all year round even to the extent of altering people’s moods and health.

A recent survey has found that 83 percent of women and 74 percent of men state the lack of natural light during the winter months has a negative impact on their mood and makes them less likely to leave the house.  Lack of daylight is associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can influence people’s moods making them feel lethargic, bored, hungry and even depressed. (see previous blog)

Innovative design and technology in modern conservatories has put an end to any negative stereotypes formed about this much loved extension to our humble abodes. From specialist glass keeping heat in and Harmful UV rays out, to moderating the temperature through specialist blinds. With the fundamental design of this extension to our homes to allow light and create space, it makes a great place to be whatever the weather.

The possibilities are endless, from a busy social hub for friends and families, to simply reading your favourite book or morning newspaper in total tranquillity. Benfit from the natural light no matter what the time of year is.

Having a conservatory built this year, or want to refesh yours? Check out our 2014 indoor furniture collection.

What do you use YOUR conservatory for?  We want to here from you on facebook or twitter. 



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