5 reasons to choose cane and rattan

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5 reasons to choose cane and rattan

Traditionally cane, rattan and wicker furniture have always been the top candidates for furnishing a conservatory. However as time has evolved and homes too, more and more customers are furnishing any room in their homes with cane, rattan and wicker furniture in order to add more interest, bring in depth and texture, and create that “natural” calm mood in a room.

For example, the breakfast bar stool with a wicker seat and hairpin metal legs, the cane occasional chair that sits in the lounge or conservatory, wicker storage baskets that sit proudly by the log burner   – there are so many options for customers to explore when accessorizing their homes.

Here’s 5 good reasons to choose cane, rattan or wicker:


1. It doesn’t fade or dis-colour like many other wood materials such as wood veneer or real wood making it look as good as new for longer.


2. Eco friendly and environmentally sustainable as it grows at a rate of 2 – 3cm per day and is therefore a renewable raw material.


3. Easy to clean and maintain using our Daro Care Kit which consists of Stain Remover Products, Cane Cleaning Solution and a Fabric Protector Spray.


4. Lightweight making it easy to handle and move around if ever you fancy a change of set up in a room or for general cleaning.


5. Flexible so its great to manipulate into different shapes making it a versatile material. Our comprehensive range offers many different style and shapes.