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Daro was formed in 1972 by Brother-in laws (Da)vid Brown and (Ro)ger Rideout where they began with the sales of Traditional rush matting and rattan home accessories such as waste bins and log baskets at traditional Midland markets and national agricultural shows. As the uses of cane and rattan become more apparent, Daro developed into occasional furniture that could be used in sunrooms and a new phenomenon called a Conservatory.

Over the years, Daro developed in tandem with the Conservatory market to develop an ever increasingly comfortable collection of conservatory furniture. Today, Daro is the United Kingdom’s leading name in woven furniture and is at the forefront of continual development of the products, setting standards for our industry. Cane and rattan furniture can now be found inside the home as consumers choose to bring the natural elements of the furniture into their everyday living environment.

In 2003 Daro embarked on the formation of an Outdoor Furniture Division utilising the skills of our manufacturing base coupled with advances in All-Weather outdoor weave. Today Daro are recognised as a leading name in Quality Outdoor living products with the comfort sit of an indoor item.

Daro continues to be a family run business devoted to supply of quality woven furniture.